March Birthstone – What is March Birthstone (Aquamarine)

Compared to other months, March may not be the most eventful. However, its birthstone is, without a doubt, one of the most vibrant. The aquamarine is a birthstone that, while not as popular as some of the other birthstones, offers various physical and health benefits and symbolizes powerful emotions and concepts.

Today, we’re diving into the unique history of the aquamarine, its significance in human history, and what it can do for those who own one. You’ll learn that it actually belongs in the same category as another birthstone and that it’s more useful in daily life than you may think.

March Birthstone Aquamarine

What is an Aquamarine?

To understand what an aquamarine is, you first need to understand what beryl is. Beryl is a type of mineral that is made up of a specific set of chemical patterns. We’ll spare you the boring scientific terms, but virtually its crystalline makeup is different from that of something like quartz or garnet.

Another interesting fact about beryl is that pure beryl is actually colorless. However, more often than not, you’ll find beryl with impurities in them, which are what cause the various colors of beryl to appear. Aquamarine is one such type of “impure” beryl, but other variants include golden beryl, maxixe, and emerald, which were once considered to be a Cardinal gem. We covered emerald in another article, so if you want to learn more about that beryl variant, be sure to check it out.

As for aquamarine, it is easily distinguished from other gemstones for its unique blue or cyan coloration. The word “aquamarine” actually comes from the Latin words aqua and marina, which mean “sea” and “water,” respectively. Many aquamarines are similar to the color of bodies of water, hence the name. Fun fact the largest ever aquamarine found (that was worthy of being called a gemstone) weighed over 110 kg or 243 lb.

What does Aquamarine Signify?

Aquamarine was a highly revered gemstone by many religions. The reason behind this was that the gemstone actually represented purity, clarity, and youth. Many people revered it for its colors that resembled both the skies and seas. The familiar color is what caused many wealthy individuals to seek for one themselves.

Because of the colors that remind one of the sea and sky, aquamarine was heavily associated with sailors. It not only served as a form of protection for any seafarer, but it was also said to be a unique treasure owned by mythical mermaids. Of course, not every sailor could afford an aquamarine, but owning one definitely put them at ease.

Another everyday use of aquamarine was as a cure for various diseases. Ancient humans were recorded using the gemstone to heal ailments such as pink eye and many other eye-related diseases. This was done by placing an aquamarine in water, then drinking it, supposedly to imbue the water with healing power. Internal organs such as the stomach and liver were said to benefit from the effects of aquamarine.

The clarity that aquamarine provides can also be beneficial in both your personal and professional lives. At home, it allows you to clear your mind of worries and unwanted thoughts. This can allow for meditation and a better state of thought. This sense of tranquility can also help one focus on work, especially during stressful situations such as deadlines. If a stressful work environment inhibits your creativity and productivity, aquamarine provides the mental space needed to focus on yourself and your goals.

Today, aquamarine is well-known to symbolize other emotions. These emotions include courage, confidence, and overall positive health. Aquamarine has a familiar color, but it is also bold – it stands out in almost any look, can be easily spotted indoors. This gem can make a statement on its own, but it can also give the wearer that much-needed confidence boost to feel comfortable with their looks.

Aquamarine may appear to be a straightforward birthstone at first glance, and to some degree, it is. However, aquamarine benefits are bountiful, and anyone looking to regain peace, confidence, and tranquility will definitely benefit from owning an aquamarine. So while March isn’t the most iconic of months, its birthstone definitely is.