Birthstones by Month – What are my Birthstones

Birthstones are a great gift to anybody, especially when in the form of jewelry such as birthstone necklaces, bracelets, or even charms. These stones are associated with a month in the calendar, and they carry with them their own meaning. Read more

The Origin Of Birthstones

Birthstones have originated from the legendary Breastplate of Aaron, a breastplate fitted with 12 different gemstones, each representing a tribe of Israel. Since then, instead of associating the stones with Israeli tribes, the birthstones are associated with the year’s 12 months.

Birthstones Meaning – What are birthstones

As the name implies, “birthstone” is the portmanteau of “birth” and “stone.” In other words, the birthstone is basically the gemstone that’s associated with your month of birth.

Birthstone Chart – List of Birthstones

Below is a small list of the most popular birthstone for each month, as well as a brief description of what they symbolize.

  • January – Garnet

    Garnet is a gemstone that is actually available in many other variations while most commonly known for its blood-red color. Garnets are used to symbolize friendship and are said to provide various mental health benefits.
  • February – Amethyst

    Amethyst is a semiprecious gemstone that was once considered a Cardinal gem, one of the most precious stones known to man. It is actually a type of quartz and has become more common in recent years. It represents loyalty and peace.
  • March – Aquamarine

    As blue as the sky and sea, aquamarine is a gemstone that, in its purest form, is actually supposedly colorless. It belongs to a family of minerals known as beryl, and aquamarine is one of the mineral’s many-colored variants. Aquamarine symbolizes confidence and courage.
  • April – Diamond

    Diamond is a gemstone that probably needs no introduction. It’s the most popular gemstone, and for a good reason – its pureness is always a sight to behold. While most diamonds are clear, however, diamonds’ rarest come in unique colors, ranging from black to blue. Diamonds represent love.
  • May – Emerald

    Emeralds are a particular type of gemstone that represents wisdom, rebirth, and growth. They are part of the same family as aquamarine and are a colored variant of beryl. It is also the gemstone associated with Venus, the Roman goddess of love.
  • June – Pearl

    Pearls aren’t minerals but are birthstones nonetheless for their beautiful and natural coloration. They are the result of sand, chemicals, and pressure that come together inside a mollusk. Pearls symbolize purity with their milky white color.
  • July – Ruby

    The ruby is a type of mineral known as corundum. It is most commonly seen as a deep red, but pink variants of rubies also exist. Rubies symbolize many things, including courage, health, and love. They were commonly worn by noblemen and adorned in both armor and weapons.
  • August – Peridot

    Peridot is a unique type of gem that cannot be found in the crust of the Earth. It is one of the two gemstones that can be primarily found in the Earth’s mantle, not the crust. Peridot signifies good fortune to those who wear it.
  • September – Sapphire

    Sapphire is very similar to ruby in the sense that it is also a type of corundum. Any kind of corundum that isn’t red or pink is classified as sapphire. It represents positive emotions such as loyalty and trust.
  • October – Opal

    Opal is a type of gemstone that contains water and silica, a component of sand. It comes in many colors, with the rarest variant being black opal. Opal signifies faithfulness and confidence.
  • November – Topaz

    Topaz is a yellow gemstone that can also be found in hues of golden brown. Some cultures believed it served as a good luck charm, while others used it to cure illnesses such as the common cold.
  • December – Turquoise

    Turquoise is different from most of the other birthstones as it has no transparency at all. As an opaque stone, it was used to decorate tombs and serve as good luck talismans.
Birthstones by Month Birthstones Chart

What is the Rarest Birthstone?

So, now that you know the most popular birthstones for each month, you may be wondering – what is the most expensive birthstone? Your first guess maybe the diamond and you’re not far off – high demand for the diamond has made it very difficult to get your hands on. However, the honorary title of “rarest birthstone” actually goes to tanzanite, the alternate birthstone for the month of December.

It wasn’t listed above for this exact reason – you likely won’t be able to get your hands on it. Why? Because tanzanite was only recently discovered in the 20th century, there aren’t many tanzanite sources. You’re actually more likely to find diamonds than tanzanite.

Find out what’s your birthstone is and know more about it. Birthstones plays an important role in your life.