How to Layer Necklaces

Necklaces are a pivotal part of one’s outfit. They serve as a loud expression of sophistication, grandeur, and class. Wearing a single piece of jewelry to accentuate your neckline can be enough, but the real fun part starts when you venture into layering these pieces of jewelry.

But as easy as it sounds, there is quite some work to be done to master and achieve the perfect balance of these shiny accessories. Some are not a fan of layered personalized necklaces because it forms a disintegrated look in the eyes. But if you beg to differ, take note of these tips so you can pull things off and make your own style work for you:

Layer Paperclip Necklaces

Tips for Layering Necklaces

  1. Use different styles of necklaces

    To avoid creating a chaotic figure in the neckline, one must pick different styles of jewelry. Specifically, one must choose to wear necklaces with varying centerpieces like geometric shapes and other pendants of different sizes and colors.

    The goal is to avoid using accessories with the exact same design since it will look disorganized and may also get tangled with each other. The combination of seemingly incompatible necklaces resembles a contemporary style that are a part of the trend nowadays.

  2. Wear necklaces with different lengths

    Aside from using jewelries with varying designs, one must also be careful with the length of the accessories’ laces. By doing this, each necklace is given the chance to stand out on its own. Chain extenders are also available for some pieces which may come in handy when layering necklaces.

    To build your look using necklaces with varying lengths, make sure to wear the one that is closest to the neck first. After doing so, the layer of the jewelry continues based on the total length of each of the accessories.

  3. Select a dominant metal

    When it comes to the shade of the necklaces that must be worn, you must secure a dominant metal and support it with other metals. Specifically, choosing gold jewelry as your main piece and partnering it with silver-toned accessories is a great way to create a vibrant harmony in the neckline.

    Even though wearing necklaces of the same shade cannot waste your total look, it might be hard to make a distinctive appearance for each of the accessories you’re wearing. Thus,selecting a metal that will serve as a pop of color for your get-up is a great way to make each layer of your jewelry appreciated.

  4. Go for adjustable necklaces

    To make the most out of the necklaces, make sure to choose the ones that can be customized. Wearing jewelry with multiple clasp options can help you complete a specific layer of accessories that you have in mind.

    In the long run, you can also benefit from this kind of accessory. Compared to one with a fixed length, you can easily combine it from one set of necklaces to another.

  5. Invest on pendants

    You can also consider shopping more pendants if you want to play around with different stacks accessories using the same laces that you already have. The good thing about this is that you can easily mix and match chains of different shades by simply replacing the pendants that you will use to match your current outfit.

  6. Reconcile your accessories with your clothing neckline

    One of the main secrets fashion designers have when it comes to layering jewelries like necklaces is that they depend on the size and number of accessories to the top that they are wearing. This makes the overall look to be neat and coordinated.

    Take pearl necklaces for instance. Given that pearls are quite larger in size compared to other chains, it is advisable to wear pearl chokers if you will go for shoulder-free dresses to achieve a street casual look.

  7. Go for dainty necklaces for formal outfits

    Necklaces are built to form a statement, but there are certain situations where they should just serve as ornaments to prevent overpowering the outfit. And one of such instances is when you are dressed up formally.

    A corporate rule of thumb, going for jewelries with dainty shades is the safest way to go since doing otherwise and picking accessories with a pop of color can distract others. And in events like this when decency comes front and center, it is not advisable to pull off that style.

  8. Prevent an overkill

    Although there is no strict rule as to the number of necklaces you may wear, it is important to note that there is always a risk of overdoing things when it comes to fashion. If you fail to maintain the right balance between your outfit and your accessories, it will eventually go down the drain.

    Most experts in fashion suggest the use of three to four jewelries of varying lengths. Anything below this range can look empty, while going beyond this can be too intricate and busy for one’s eyes.

Layering Necklaces

Tips for Layering Other Jewelries

  1. Layering Bracelets
    • Select a color palette. Unlike rings and earrings, bracelets are larger in size which means that it can make or break an outfit, depending on its degree of correlation with the latter. Thus, you must be considerate when it comes to the color of your outfit and necklaces and make sure that the bracelets you’re wearing will smoothly match with them.

    • Go for varying mediums. Another tip when layering bracelets is to use accessories with different mediums. Particularly, don’t be afraid to put up a metal bangle next to a personalized bracelet. Otherwise, it may end up looking like one huge lump of accented jewelry.

    • Use different shapes and sizes. Variation is key when it comes to a successful layering of jewelries like bracelets. Thus, experimenting and using bracelets of varying shapes and sizes can work for you as long as you manage to get the right balance of the pieces.

    • Choose a focal piece. This means that you have to designate a specific bracelet as the centerpiece of the stack you’re assembling. Depending on the motif of your clothes and other accessories, this can be a dominant metal or a jewelry with a dainty tone.

  2. Layering Rings
    • Mix up metals. Like that of necklaces and other pieces of jewelry, it is highly suggested for you to play around and wear different metals like yellow gold and rose gold when assembling a fashion statement.

    • Put a touch of stone in your stack. Also, make sure to add a pop of color in your hands by choosing at least one ring with a stone at its centerpiece. This will accentuate the finger where it is placed and can be a regal statement of sophistication.

    • Go for hammered rings. If you want to wear rings in more than one of your fingers, then the safest way to go is through hammered rings. With a thin detail, this can be worn comfortably without having to worry about the risk of overkill.

    • Keep things dainty and classy. This simply entails the involvement of less complicated pieces since your hands are being used for various functions. Thus, unlike your neck or arms, you have to achieve moderation when it comes to the jewelry you’re wearing to avoid any harm or even the risk of losing some of them.

  3. Layering Earrings
    • Go for hoops. The go-to piece when stacking earrings is hoops since they are simple yet elegant in design. Also, it has a safe form that you can easily match with other accessories that may have a more intricate cut.

    • Choose a centerpiece. For those who want to focus on the details of the earrings, a focal piece must be determined that will serve as the fashion statement of the look. This can be in the form of a huge earring or one with a color different from the rest of the other pieces.

    • Combine pieces with different finishes. Selecting earrings with various finishes–like pairing a beaded one with a scalloped edge–can be a contemporary style that can help make an alluring impact for your ears.

    • Play with different shapes. Depending on the number of earrings your ear can support, you must try and combine different shapes and sizes of jewelry while remaining intact with the fundamental principles of balance and coordination. Doing so can complete your outfit and make yourself a total standout.

Final Thoughts

Layering necklaces or other pieces of accessories can be a tough job since a bad decision can get your jewelry tangled around your neck. But fundamentally, what matters in this discourse is achieving the right amount of balance between the elements of the pieces, your outfit, and the overall style that you want to pull off.

Also, as long as you are comfortable with the layer of necklaces you’re wearing, you can free yourself from being restricted to achieve a certain motif. Just make sure that each of your accessories can have its own highlight around your neckline and you’ll unlock a fashionable look for your own!