What Is A Tennis Bracelet?

The tennis bracelet is one of the most enduringly popular pieces of jewelry, and it has a permanent place in the jewelry collections of many women. This design epitomizes elegance due to the delicate setting of discreet white diamonds. It’s the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance!

A tennis bracelet is a piece that incorporates small diamonds or other gems. They are mounted onto a delicate chain of precious metal, typically 14K or 18K gold, platinum, or sterling silver. When they were first launched, tennis bracelets were usually called “line diamond bracelets,” which is still sometimes used today.

In common with many other jewelry items, it earned its more familiar name due to its link with a memorable public event. This article will explain the origins of the tennis bracelet and help you understand more about its significance.

History Of The Tennis Bracelet

It was the international tennis star Chris Evert who elevated the tennis bracelet to its heights of popularity. Not only was she the world’s most successful female player, but she was also known for setting fashion trends on and off the court.

The tennis bracelets’ style had been around for decades before the game, but Chris Evert took the bracelet to a new popularity level. She was known for her style on the court and for being one of the champions of the game, and at the height of her game, she was the number one player in the world.

During the US championships in 1967, she wore the diamond eternity bracelet during a match, and, from that moment, the tennis bracelet got its name. But, what made it so memorable? The bracelet flew off her wrist at a certain point, and she requested that the match be halted so she could look for it. The incident caught the attention of the public, and the rest is history.

What is tennis bracelet

Why Do They Call It A Tennis Bracelet?

Some experts claim that the bracelet was named because wearing diamonds during a professional match was entirely unprecedented. Considering that Chris Evert was globally recognized as a record-breaking tennis star, it was natural that the piece should become indelibly associated with the sport.

However, others insist that the actual game when the famous incident occurred took place in 1978, but in the end, it is the image of Evert searching for her beloved lost item which remains. No-one knows who first came up with the term ‘tennis bracelet.’

What Is The Price Of A Tennis Bracelet?

As with all jewelry, the price will depend on the metal used, as well as the number, size, and quality of the diamonds. A typical starting price will be around $2,500, but there’s no upper limit. It’s not practical to compare a tennis bracelet containing diamonds of 1.5cttw with one which incorporates 3cttw.

In terms of metals used for tennis bracelets, there are several different options. Typical choices are yellow rose or white gold (14k or 18k). However, platinum and sterling silver are also popular options.

Each of these metals provides its own unique appearance, so you should go for whatever appeals most to you. Tennis bracelets are versatile enough to accessorize a whole variety of looks, so you can expect to get plenty of use from yours.

While durability is important, any of the metals will be suitable even for daily wear. What will make a difference is the weight of the chain and, as Chris Evert discovered, the strength of the clasp.

Tennis Bracelet Clasp Types

When choosing an item of jewelry, we don’t often pay much attention to the clasp. However, they’re an essential consideration. A clasp can enhance any piece’s design and give it a sophisticated, elegant appearance or more fun, modern look. It can be as discreet or as bold as appropriate for the item, but as it is central to any jewelry item, the clasp should not be overlooked when selecting pieces.

  • Spring Ring Clasp: This is the most frequently found closure. It comprises a circle that is opened and closed via a tiny spring mechanism. When the lever is drawn back, it enables the other end to be inserted inside the circle. The tool allows the clasp to close itself.
  • Lobster Clasp: The lobster clasp gets its name, unsurprisingly, because it resembles a lobster’s claw. It works in the same way as a spring-ring clasp. Pushing down on the little lever opens the claw; releasing it will cause it to close. These are spring-loaded clasps, and the advantage is that they shut themselves as soon as you release the lever.
  • Barrel Clasp: Sometimes known as torpedo clasps as, when closed, they resemble barrels or torpedoes. This mechanism uses a thread, so it is opened and closed when you rotate it. Usually, when the clasp is twisted close, it resembles a barrel, hence the name.

Tennis Bracelet Styles

Tennis bracelets also come in various styles, each one with a different look and price point, so you’ll have a range of options, depending on your budget and needs. Styles include:

  • Single Row Tennis Bracelets: Incorporate 1 row of diamonds.
  • Double Row Tennis Bracelets: Feature two rows of diamonds, placed on top of each other.
  • Three Row Tennis Bracelets: Consist of three rows of diamonds, with a heavier band.
  • Four Row Tennis Bracelets: Four rows of diamonds, with the thickest and heaviest band.
The greater the number of diamond rows, the heavier and thicker the bracelet will typically be.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tennis Bracelets

Can you wear a tennis bracelet every day?
One of the best things about tennis bracelets is their versatility. They’ll enhance your outfit on formal or informal occasions. So, whether you’re attending a gala dinner or enjoying a casual lunch with friends, a tennis bracelet will effortlessly elevate your look. A tennis bracelet can even be worn every day to become a defining statement of your unique individual style.

Which wrist should you wear a Tennis Bracelet on?
Typically, tennis bracelets are seen on the left wrist. The simple reason for this is that as most people are right-handed, it is easier to close using the right hand. The left hand is also used less than the dominant right hand, so there is less possibility of damage to the bracelet.

What is the purpose of a Tennis Bracelet?
The name shouldn’t mislead you; the tennis bracelet is not suitable to wear when playing tennis. It’s an elegant item, comprised of a flexible metal band studded with one or more rows of diamonds. It makes a perfect gift, a way to express love or gratitude and work as a fashionable piece or a timeless, understated classic.

Can you shorten a Tennis Bracelet?
In common with other jewelry items, a tennis bracelet can be shortened or tightened if it’s too loose. A good jeweler will be able to remove the required number of links. This is an advantage if you’re offering the bracelet as a gift, as you won’t need to know the perfect size in advance.

Can you shower with a Tennis Bracelet?
You can technically shower with any piece of jewelry, but the question is, why would you want to? It’s much safer to take it off and put it somewhere safe. That way, it can’t be damaged as you wash or accidentally come loose and get trapped inside a drain.