December Birthstone – What is December Birthstone (Zircon, Tanzanite, and Turquoise)

Children and adults alike love December. While kids are excited about their Christmas gifts, many of us look forward to spending time with others during the holidays, whether that be at home or during some holiday vacation trip.

And what better way to end the year with a bang? The month of December is home to the most birthstones in a single month, with three different gemstones to choose from. These stones are Zircon, tanzanite, and turquoise, respectively. Let’s take a closer look at each of them to better understand what they mean.

Turquoise November Birthstone

What are a Zircon, Tanzanite, and Turquoise?

Zircon is a particular type of gemstone in that it serves as a mineral and as a source of metal. Zircon is the source of a metal that goes by a similar name, zirconium. Zirconium is quite common in the Earth’s crust and has many practical uses in areas such as the ceramic industry.

As a gemstone, Zircon’s adamantine luster makes it a passable substitute for diamond, though closer inspection can reveal that the play of color just doesn’t quite match that of the diamond’s. Its hardness rests between that of topaz and quartz, which are coincidentally the birthstones for the month of November.

Tanzanite is a beautiful variant of the mineral known as zoisite. This gemstone is mainly known for its striking blue and violet colors, though in the right lighting conditions, it can also appear differently. Tanzanite was only recently discovered back in 1967.

There are plenty of colors that you can buy tanzanite in. The shades range from blue to indigo, but colors such as cyan, yellow, and even orange can be present.

Finally, there’s turquoise. Arguably the most popular birthstone of the month, turquoise is a blue-green mineral similar in color to aquamarine. However, what makes it different from aquamarine is its complete lack of transparency – it’s an opaque stone. Despite not having any clarity, however, it remains a famous stone nonetheless.

What’s interesting about turquoise is that many ancient artifacts and jewelry make use of it. What’s more is that they are often in pretty good condition, a testament to the durability of this opaque stone. A great example of this is in the famous gold burial mask of Tutankhamun, the Egyptian king. Turquoise can be found decorating the mask, among other various precious stones.

Zircon November Birthstone

What does Zircon, Tanzanite, and Turquoise Signify?

Zircon does have somewhat of a significant religious presence. The most notable example of this is the Breastplate of Aaron mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible. Turquoise was one of the so-called “Biblestones” found on the fabled breastplate.

We now know Zircon to symbolize three things: confidence, prosperity, and wisdom. During the 20th century, many necklaces were fitted with Zircon gems. This gave the wearer a feeling of superiority and power, with a better understanding of the world around them. It is also said to be able to ward off evil spirits and even promote good sleep.

As tanzanite was only discovered during the 20th century, there isn’t any known history surrounding it. However, many people today use tanzanite as a method to dispel negative emotions or compulsions. If you’re feeling idle or want to procrastinate on work, it is said that tanzanite can help you focus on what’s important and clear your head of any possible distractions.

Finally, turquoise has a long history, being used as a talisman of good fortune for centuries. These gemstones also protected Persians from any unnatural deaths. Nowadays, turquoise is commonly used as a charm for love and romantic relationships. If you’re looking for that special someone, turquoise may be able to give you that much-needed boost.


December is a particular month, so it’s no surprise that its birthstones are unique as well. Ranging from an ancient opaque stone that has stood the test of time to a newly discovered gem of stunning colors, there’s a birthstone for just about anybody who’s born during the exciting month of December. And since it’s the season of giving, these stones can be the perfect present to anybody celebrating their birthdays. The stones are the perfect gift to make anyone happy.