Infinity Symbol – Infinity Symbolism Meaning & History

When we think of something that has no limits, something that has no end, we describe it with the word “infinity”. And in many professions and fields, you’ll find that infinity pops up more often than you think. To make it easier to recognize, infinity is written as a symbol – ∞. But where did this symbol come from, and what does it mean outside the fields of science and math? Here’s what you need to know about this beautiful symbol.

Infinity Symbolism

Where did the word infinity come from?

The word “infinity” comes from the Latin word “infinitas”, which in turn originated from another Latin word “infinitus”. “Infinitus” had almost exactly the same meaning as the “infinity” we use today – limitless and boundless.

However, that isn’t the only possible origin of the word. During the late 14th century, the French used the word “infinite” to describe things that were of very large quantity or infinite. Whether the word “infinity” comes from this old French word or the Latin word directly is not very clear.

What does infinity mean in love?

Infinity and love maybe two of the last concepts you’d expect to relate to one another, but they’re closer than you think. When we think of love, we think of strong emotions. We think of conviction. And, most importantly in this context, we think of dedication. The dedication that one’s love for another will last till the end of time, or until their last breath, in more realistic standards.

That sort of dedication cannot merely be explained in terms of quantifiable time. You don’t just say “I’ll love you for three years”. Not only does it make you appear as one with weak conviction, but it’s also feasibly impossible to say for yourself how long you love somebody.

And, as long as your love for someone is genuine, the last thing on your mind would be the day you stopped loving them. If that’s the case, then what better symbol is there to represent eternal love than infinity?

Philosophical arguments aside, there are also other types of infinity that specifically represent interpersonal and romantic relationships. We’ll be going over these variations of the infinity shortly.

What does the Infinity symbol mean?

Have you ever wondered, “Why does the infinity symbol look like that?” whenever you come across it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – many people see it as a sideways number 8 or some other shape. But in reality, the symbol is actually meant to represent a ribbon.

While not very well-known, the symbol of infinity actually has an older name. It was originally called the lemniscuses, which comes from the word “lēmniscātus”. “Lēmniscātus” literally means “decorated with ribbons”, and you can see the resemblance to a ribbon once you find out about its older name.

But why is the symbol drawn the way it is? Couldn’t the ribbon be drawn like a normal ribbon, with ends to the sides? The answer lies in the meaning of infinity itself. When one thinks of infinity, they think of a concept that has neither beginning nor end.

This idea of “limitless” is perfectly showcased in a ribbon that forms a loop, with no ends or beginnings. If you were to walk along with the shape of infinity, you would never reach the finish line, nor would you have a starting line to work with in the first place. It’s a simple concept, but it makes sense once you think about it.

Different Types of Infinity

While the most common variant of infinity is ∞, there are actually other variants of the symbol that are popular in jewelry as romantic symbology. Here are the most well-known variants:

  • Double Infinity
    Double Infinity Symbol Double infinity is a cute and somewhat nerdy representation of two people dedicating their lives to one another. The symbol shows two infinities interlocked with one another, which represents the idea of a couple sticking by each other for the rest of their lives. You’ll find that quite a few couples get these symbols as matching tattoos or even wear jewelry with this symbol. It’s cute and simple, making it the perfect tattoo on one’s wrist or neck.
  • Heart Infinity
    Heart Infinity Symbol Another variant of infinity that’s quite popular is the heart infinity variant. It is represented with an infinity wrapping around a heart. It can be interpreted as eternal or endless love, either meaning that the person is one who loves eternally or is eternally loved by someone else. Unlike the double infinity symbol, the heart infinity symbol doesn’t necessarily mean that there is another person involved. This means that even if you notice someone with heart-infinity jewelry or tattoos, that don’t mean they’re in a relationship. It could also mean that they’re a true romantic who’s willing to dedicate themselves to their lover.
  • Double Heart Infinity
    Double Heart Infinity Symbol Combining both ideas represented by the heart and double infinities, the double heart infinity is a more detailed variation of the double infinity. While you could represent platonic or familial relationships with a double infinity, the double heart infinity is, for the most part, reserved for romantic couples, and many people interpret it as such. If a double infinity isn’t enough to represent your love for someone else, then the double heart infinity can take it a step further.

What is the spiritual meaning of the infinity symbol?

Infinity carries a spiritual meaning, despite it being known mainly as a mathematic symbol. It essentially represents anything that is infinite, whether that be the countless ideas in your head or the depth of your emotions. It carries heavy implications, however, and is only best used to describe concepts that are truly limitless.

Infinity Symbols in Fashion & Jewelry

  • Infinity necklace meaning
    Infinity necklaces are necklaces fitted with the infinity symbol. Usually, the chain is connected to the sides of the symbol.
  • Infinity bracelet meaning
    Infinity bracelets are similar to infinity necklaces in that they connect to an infinity symbol, also usually by its sides.
  • Infinity ring meaning
    An infinity ring can either have the symbol fitted on top of it, or have the entire ring designed after the shape of infinity, with two waving lines intertwined around its circumference.