Finding the Right Necklace Length

Figuring out the correct length of the necklace to buy may seem like quite a confusing, daunting and irrelevant task to have to do, but having the right necklace size can make a huge difference to the style and overall look of the necklace.

Ultimately, the correct necklace size for you is your own choice, whichever length of chain you like best, be it a choker or a much longer chain falling to mid-chest. Style your personalized necklace how you want, but do consider these tips.

Body Type Neckalce Length Chart

Necklace Length Chart

First, here is a simple chart showing the appropriate lengths and placements of where a necklace should sit on your body. Keep in mind that almost every jewelry shop will carry a range of standard chain lengths for men, women, and children. These chains will come in many different materials ranging from sterling silver, gold, and even platinum.

For women, necklace lengths have six different size categories that you can choose from; however, there may be some differentiation between various jewelers. The guide below will help you choose the correct necklace length depending on where you would like your name necklace to sit roughly on your body.

Length of Chain (Inches) Placement on Body
14″ Collar – A 14″ chain should wrap neatly around your neck/throat
16″ Choker/Bib – This length of chain should sot just at the base of your neck/throat
17″ – 18″ Princess – This length should sit neatly against your collar bone
20″ – 24″ Matinee – This should hang somewhere along your neckline to just above the top of your bust (this will depend on your height/neck length)
28″ – 36″ Opera – The Opera will hang just below your bust
36″ – 42″ Rope – This is the longest length chain and will usually double or wrap around to sit just below your bust

As a man, there are, of course, slightly fewer options when it comes to necklace length. One size does unfortunately not fit all; that would be far too easy. However, the below chart will help provide you with an idea of what length of necklace you will wear and style the best.

Length of Chain (Inches) Placement on Body
18″ This length should sit at the base of your neck and is mainly used for smaller, thinner necks
20″ This is the most common size and will sit roughly against your collarbone
22″ A 22″ chain will most likely sit just below your collarbone by around 1″ -3.”
24″ This length of the chain will hang just above your breast bone
30″ The longest length will sit just below your breast bone

For children, the size of necklace length will usually coincide with the age of the child. For example, younger or smaller children will benefit more from and look much better with smaller, shorter chains. However, most children aged from around 10+ should suit the standard adult 16″ -18″ chains. Refer to the below table if you are unsure, which will help give you an idea of where the chain will roughly sit on a child.

Age Recommended Length of Chain (Inches
1 – 3 Years It Will most likely suit 10″ – 12″ chain
3 – 7 Years It Will most likely suit 12″ – 14″ chain
7 – 10 Years It Will most likely suit 14″ – 16″ chain
10+ Years Please refer to the adult chain length chart