Symbolism of Anchor – Anchor Symbol Meaning & Origin

There are quite a few ways to symbolize the sea. Waves and fish are some of the more popular symbols that are used to represent the vast body of water. But if you want to symbolize man and their relationship with the sea, there’s no other way to do so than with an anchor.

What are anchor symbols used for today, and what do they mean? We break down the origin behind this popular symbol and what it means when you see someone wearing one in public.

Anchor Symbol

Anchor Symbol Origin & History

The symbol of the anchor comes from the unique shape of old anchors that were used back in the day. Anchors didn’t always have this iconic design, however. The oldest anchors were likely made out of stone tied to something such as a rope. As the goal of anchors was to keep a boat in place out at sea, all you needed was a heavy object and something to tie it to. Because of this, stones worked just fine.

As the size of ships grew, so did anchors. You couldn’t really tie down a large boat with one big rock. For this reason, ancient Greeks used baskets filled with stones and sacks of sand instead. These were heavier than just simple rocks and were far more customizable.

It was only until way later when people started using iron for anchors. These anchors were designed with teeth on their sides, which allowed the ship to attach itself to the bottom of the sea more reliably and not just rely on its weight. These types of anchors are known as fluked anchors, and the iconic anchor symbol is an example of one.

What does the Anchor mean spiritually?

The anchor has become a popular spiritual symbol in recent years. This is mainly because of its heavy symbolism, but the device has actually been referenced quite a few times in spiritual texts, particularly the Bible. You’ll find, however, that anchors are primarily seen as spiritual objects within the bounds of Christianity, unlike other symbols which carry significance across multiple spiritual practices and religions.

The spiritual meaning behind the anchor is that it represented safety and steadfastness. Anchors keep boats and ships in place, preventing them from drifting away. This can be seen as an analogy to one’s faith in God or as the conviction to an idea or person. One’s faith can be seen as the “anchor” that keeps them believing or staying dedicated to someone else.

Anchor Meaning In Hindi
Anchors are known in Hindi as ऐंकर, or “ainkar”. Anchors are not seen as particularly spiritual objects in Hindi.

Anchor Meaning in Urdu
In Urdu, the word “anchor” is written as اینکر. As with Hindi, there is no spiritual meaning behind anchors in Urdu.

Anchor meaning in the Bible
Anchors are referenced quite frequently in the Bible. You would think that they are heavily referenced in the New Testament due to some of the disciples being formerly fishermen. But most of the verses that contain anchors are found in the Old Testament instead.

The book with the most prominent mentions of anchors is Acts. In this book, there are many quotable verses, as they are meant to serve as lessons and words to live by, rather than depictions of events or stories.

Perhaps the most symbolic quote involving anchors in the Bible comes from the book of Hebrews. In Hebrews 6:19, it says: “This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and one which enters within the veil.” Here we see the anchor symbolizing one’s hope. Hope in something means that you believe in that certain thing, and usually, this belief is unwavering no matter what happens. This is perfectly represented with an anchor.

Anchor symbol meaning Christianity
Anchors are a popular symbol in Christianity as they relate heavily to many of its philosophies. Most notably, many see the anchor as a symbol for Jesus. It is said that those who believe in Jesus, and those that place their faith in Him, will not be failed. This is supported by many religious figures, such as Saint Peter, speaking of Jesus in this manner.

Aside from this, you will find that anchors were a somewhat common symbol found in gravestones and catacombs from thousands of years ago. Evidence of catacombs containing this symbol has been discovered lasting since as early as the first century. Even today, many people use anchors in gravestones.

What does an anchor mean in a relationship?

Anchors are not only used in religion but in relationships, too. The values of steadfastness and hope are important when loving a partner, and if you want to represent your steady faith in your partner, you can use this symbol.

Another reason the anchor is used in relationships is that it represents unwavering love. No relationship is perfect, and many people experience lows with others. One of the most important things to learn in a relationship, however, is learning to cope with the lows and sticking with them till the end. It’s a beautiful concept, and anchors represent it perfectly.

Finally, anchors represent strength and security. If you feel like your relationship’s in a great spot, or are having the time of your life with your partner, then you can represent it with an anchor. This also serves as a good luck charm of sorts, representing the hope for stronger relationships with others in the future as well.

Anchor & jewelry industry

Anchor necklace meaning
Anchor necklaces are beautiful pieces of jewelry that have an anchor hanging down their center. The anchor itself is tied to the chain by its ringed tip, much like anchors in real life. You will find many variations of anchor necklaces, including those with an infinity symbol connected to them.

Anchor bracelets meaning
Anchor bracelets have a slightly different design from anchor necklaces. The anchors on anchor bracelets connect to the rest of the bracelet by both the top and bottom of its structure. It also usually has a protective layer of rope or leather behind it, as the anchor’s teeth can hurt when directly exposed to skin.